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CLAY CLASS HAND-BUILD Accoutrement Bowls in Fruit Shapes **PLAN YOUR OWN


Charcuterie Camp Session 2

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Accoutrement Bowls ( a fancy way of saying miscellaneous small bowls for items like olives, lemon slices, etc).

Get dirty with us !

You’ll get 2 lbs  of clay to build as many side bowls as you can get out of it

(approximately 3-4 depending on size you build)

Think gorgeous fruits like Pomegranates, Figs, Lemons & Pears!

Once  you create your side bowls, you’ll leave it with us to dry and for it’s first firing.   Then you’ll come back approximately 3 weeks later to apply final glazes.



ALCOHOL:   We will have single serve wines and beer available for purchase.   Due to our liquor license, we cannot allow outside liquor brought onto our premises.

CLASS PHOTOS:  We love to show you off !  Class photos of you and your artwork are frequently taken and posted on social media and used for advertising purposes.  Please advise upon arrival if you do not consent to your images being used.