CHARCUTERIE CAMP – MAY 26 6:30 – 7:30 Glaze a honey pot! (that doubles as a salt pot :)


Charcuterie Camp Session 3

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Charcuterie Camp – Ladies Night Out session 4

May 26, 2021

An “off the shelf” (no handbuilding required) honey pot … that doubles as a salt pot when not using for a charcuterie display!

Glaze in colors that compliment the other items in your Charcuterie Camp ! 

Honey pot comes with a wooden honey wand for use with your cheeseboard … and a ceramic spoon for when you use it as a salt pot on your cooking counter ! 


ALCOHOL:   We will have single serve wines and beer available for purchase.   Due to our liquor license, we cannot allow outside liquor brought onto our premises.

MASKS:   Masks are required for this event.

CLASS PHOTOS:  We love to show you off !  Class photos of you and your artwork are frequently taken and posted on social media and used for advertising purposes.  Please advise upon arrival if you do not consent to your images being used.